sumi-e japanese paintings

     Arisa Okazaki

     墨絵 岡崎亜李沙の作品を展示下さり



Arisa okazaki paintings is being displayed here.It is famous an old restaurant "YAKINIKU" ibaragi-japan.

By all means,please come here!!


ここには墨絵 岡崎亜李沙の絵か展示されています。茨城で有名な老舗焼き肉店です。


The goods are of the best make.Prime beef............Please have a wonderful time there.......

our special staffs are happy to welcome you!!!!












   風々亭 高級焼き肉店

   電話番号 0299-27-0404






Arisa Okazaki portrayed the traditional beauty of style found in Japanese paintings through his own modern sensibility.












Arisa Okazaki decorated the wall with pictures.

If you happen to be out this way, be sure to call in at RE PORT........

nontraditionall Sumi-e "Arisa Okazaki" on Display

■■RE PORT.......

2-12,Yorozu cho-sasebo-nagasaki,Japan.........

A natural diet is suitable for human digestion.You can also try dishes made with fresh natural food.If you happen to be out this way, be sure to call in at RE  PORT.






Please, by all means, drop in when you go shopping.

art work:

sumi-e japanese paintings "arisa okazaki"

the title of painting is "KAWA".




All of my family are looking forward to spending a nice time with you.