Sumi-e japanese paintings

ARISA OKAZAKI..........................

Today she is based in sasebo,nagasaki,JAPAN, where she energetically

participates in solo and group exhibitions in Japan and abroad.


We plan on attending that group exhibition.

Art fair

Taiwan2017,and Milan2018, and LONDON2018 and paris2018

I am grateful for being able to receive this kind of opportunity.


Japanese Art Show
Japanese Pop & Modern Art
15-20 May 2018

Open View: Thursday 17 May 6-9pm
(Everyone welcome, free refreshments provided)

Pop - Modern Japanese Art is a colorful and vibrant group show introducing the talent of more than 40 Japanese artists. This exhibition will include a mixture of pop and modern works and explore the artistic scene in Japan as a cultural superpower crossing a number of mediums and themes from fine art to illustration and Pop Art to Modernism and beyond. This exhibition showcases the very best of contemporary Japanese art today. More than 80 works will be exhibited !

Arisa Okazaki, Aya, Ayaka Ozaki, Dyatomaru, Gassea, Happy, Hako,
Hyangsun Shin, Heyshiro Matsuoka, Kamoji, Kayano Ushiyama,
Kayoko Hashimoto, Kiyo Kigisu, Kikuno, Kou, Kohei Hashizuka, Kenji,
Kenji Iwasaki, Keikou Aoyama, Kyo, Lisa Suzuki, Mariko Ishikawa,
Masumi Senoo, Midori McCabe, Meiko Hitsujino, Natsuko Poe,
Papipupe Pochi, Reiko Sassa, Rune, Ryo Kuwata, Sachi☆Choco
Saori Kashimura, Shiroki, Shingo Terasawa, Shin, Seri Hano,
Tomoko Ebara, Tomoyuki Okamoto, Tetsuji Shirakawa, Takaaki Mano,
Tozo Kagamiya, Ayae Suzuki

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Curated by Mayumi Project

arisaokazaki and other artirts.
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Japanese Pop & Modern Art.
Me and Art is an introduction to 29 contemporary Japanese artists and a comprehensive catalogue their respective works. Altogether this volume introduces a total of 166 individual artworks.
Each of the artists featured in this volume is a Japanese national currently residing and working in Japan, be they painter, illustrators, graphic artists or other art-makers. Although based predominantly in Japan, a great number of the featured artists have previously exhibited on an international level, in solo and group exhibitions at a number of locations across America, Europe and Oceania.
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Arisa Okazaki was born in Nagasaki,Japan. Since early chihood, Arisa has an interest in Art. That interest grew at the age of 14 after viewing paintings on display in a publicmuseum in London, England. From that day, she has continued to explore ways of fusing the familiar with the frontier just with in reach-ways of  fusing japanese Sumi-e with the aesthetic of  European abstract art.

 Many of her masterpieces took the subject matter from the WOMEN.


Arisa Okazaki fused sumi-e (ink painting) and an abstract painting  together.

Her  sumi-e japanese painting is nontraditional designs.

Today she is based in sasebo,nagasakiJAPAN, where she energetically participates in solo and group exhibitions in Japan and abroad.




sumi-e japanese paintings
Arisa okazaki
■art expo NEW YORK2017
@Pier 94 Nyc 
booth#473 kitaikikaku gallery KITAI.
arisaokazaki and other Artists.

sumie-e japanese paintings ARISA OKAZAKI.

the title of paintings is SOUL.

photo. international artfair ARTGENT"lineart" in Belgium.......